Basic Facts

Here’s a good place to read about indoor air quality.

Duct Cleaning

Action offers complete duct cleaning services. Whether your home is brand new or pre-owned, we recommend a thorough duct cleaning every few years. Our technicians have discovered everything from rodents & glass bottles to toys, food & construction debris in customers’ ductwork. What will they find in yours?

  • Our duct cleaning is done by trained professionals. They know how to properly clean ductwork without disturbing or damaging important components (like turning vanes or balancing dampers) that affect system performance.
  • We use high-powered, professional equipment including a large, powerful vacuum cleaner which is attached, one at a time, to each supply and return ductwork. Our vacuum system is kept outside your home to minimize dusty conditions and noise in your home.
  • We also use a very high pressure air jet that will help break lodged items loose from ductwork so the vacuum can quickly pull them away and out of your home. The powerful compressor we use to generate the air jet is also kept outside your home.
  • We clean your system – one register at a time – so the entire force of the vacuum and jet spray system is concentrated to this one supply or return duct run. This gives the best possible results when cleaning.
  • Included in every duct cleaning is a deodorizing disinfectant treatment that is applied to the entire ductwork system at no extra charge.
  • Want a quote over the phone? Call us with the following information:
  • 1. Your location
    2. Number of furnaces
    3. Is the basement finished?
    4. Total number of registers (both supply (heating) & return (cold air return).) A double-wide (over 24″) register counts as 2.
    5. With this information, we can usually give a quotation over the phone. Call us!

Air Purification

  • Airscreen 1000 Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Premier One Ultra-Violet Air Purifiers


  • General Humidifiers
  • AprilAire


  • We have several ways to reduce humidity in your home. The best solution depends on your particular situation. Call us for a free consultation.

Temperature Control

  • We offer a wide variety of Honeywell Thermostats. Call us for details.

Ventilation & Exhausting

  • We offer a wide variety of exhaust fans and heat recovery ventilators. The best solution depends on your individual situation. Please call us. We would be happy to help you with suggestions for your particular needs.

Zoning Systems

  • We offer Arzel, Honeywell and EWC zoning systems. These systems will improve the performance & comfort of your system as well as offer opportunities for saving on energy costs. We would be happy to help you more with the comfort or performance issues you are trying to address.